Dogs Star in Top Super Bowl Commercials

Dogs Star in Top Super Bowl Commercials

Advertisers Turn to Dogs to Sell Their Products

Forget Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The stars of Sunday’s Super Bowl were dogs. The much-anticipated Super Bowl commercials featured a bevy of canine stars doing everything from burying cats to running on treadmills to get in shape. Let’s take a look at some of the best dog Super Bowl ads.

Doritos Man’s Best Friend

This ad might have had a sinister tone, but

it elicited some chuckles at our Super Bowl party. The family dog uses a bag of Doritos to bribe its owner, who caught the dog suspiciously burying the family cat in the backyard. The owner enjoys his Doritos and doesn’t reveal the dog’s secret.

Sketchers’ Mr. Quiggly

French Bulldog Mr. Quiggly enters a greyhound race wearing his Sketchers—and wins. In fact, he beats the greyhounds by so much that he moonwalks across the finish line. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But, is there anything cuter than a French bulldog?

Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

In an ad for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, Bolt, a hefty dog, can’t fit through the doggie door to chase after the car. So, he tones up to get in running shape—Bolt runs on the treadmill, uses an exercise ball, and swims laps in the backyard pool. His new trim figure allows him to fit through the doggie door and chase the new Beetle down the street.

Budweiser’s Here We Go

Rescue dog Wego becomes the life of the party in this Budweiser ad. Simply saying “Here Wego” gets the pup to head to the refrigerator and pull out a Bud Light for party guests. This hardworking pup is the life of the party, as guests enjoy plenty of Bud Light thanks to Wego.

As a thoughtful touch, the end of the commercial includes a Facebook link where viewers can learn more about helping rescue dogs. Nice work, Budweiser!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Dog lovers had plenty to choose from this year.