Keeping Your Dog Safe Outdoors

Keeping Your Dog Safe Outdoors

You might think of obvious dangers like freezing temperatures, snow, or excessive heat when it comes to leaving your dog outside. But, there are other dangers out there as well. Learn how to protect your dog from other animals when it's enjoying some fresh air.

We don't live in a part of the county known for coyotes, so I was startled to hear on our local news this week that a couple of coyotes have been seen wandering through a neighborhood just a couple of miles from our home. Even though we have a fenced-in backyard, this news story got me wondering: Is my dog safe when he's outside by himself? We don't leave him outside when we are gone, but he does like to enjoy the sun and bark at birds, airplanes, and anything else he can find when we are at home. Now, I have to worry about coyotes lurking in our neighborhood when I let my dog out.

Here are some safety tips I found when researching ways to keep my dog safe in our own backyard:


  • Keep your dog food inside. Food can attract all sorts of creatures you don't want in your backyard, whether they pose a threat to your dog or not.
  • Keep trash secure. Again, trash cans that coyotes and other animals can dig through can attract them to your yard, putting them at risk.
  • Fence in your yard. This might seem like an obvious way to protect your pet, but it is an effective one.
  • Clear heavy brush. Don't give creatures a place to hide in your yard. Keep your lawn and planting areas free of weeds and heavy brush.

Here are some more tips from the City of San Jose, California.