Six New Breeds at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show

Six New Breeds at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show

Dog lovers across the country are looking forward to the Westminster Dog Show, which will take place on February 13 and 14 in New York City. In anticipation of the upcoming event, organizers held a press conference last week to debut six new breeds competing in this year’s show.

If you’re like me, you love seeing your favorite breed perform – or even earn top honors – in the Westminster Dog Show. I enjoy watching the toy breeds compete, especially if a pug is in the running (and one usually is). Now, proud owners of six new breeds have a reason to watch this year, as their favorite dogs will be involved in the big show. Here are the newest competitors, as described by The Washington Post:

  • Entlebucher mountain dog
  • Norwegian Lundehund
  • American English coonhound
  • Finnish Lapphund
  • Cesky terrier
  • Xoloitzcuintli (better known as the Mexican hairless dog)

For those of us unfamiliar with these breeds, the Westminster Dog Show presents a great opportunity to check them out. With these six new breeds, the show will feature 185 canine competitors. The Westminster Dog Show is an exciting two-day event for dog lovers, as it allows us to learn about different breeds, their temperaments, and physical features. Next time you’re at the dog park, you might be able to pick out a Norwegian Lundehund, for example, thanks to the dog show. It really can be an educational experience.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, there’s no better way to research breeds than by watching the Westminster Dog Show. The commentators do an excellent job of giving specific details about the breed as we watch them prance around Madison Square Garden.

So, tune into the Westminster Dog Show to check out these six new breeds, along with whatever breed is your favorite. We’ll have more coverage of the big show as it approaches.