NBC’s Newest Star is a Three-Legged Pooch

NBC’s Newest Star is a Three-Legged Pooch

Champion Has Won Over “Parks & Rec” Fans

If you watch NBC’s “Parks & Recreation,” you’ve noticed a new cast member this season—Champion, the three-legged dog. Champion’s garnered a lot of laughs this season, from having an unfortunate accident during Leslie Knope’s (Amy Poehler’s) first campaign rally to responding quite well to training by Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe). Now, NBC has shared some information with Champion’s loyal fans to let us know more about this lovable pooch.

Real name Lucy, this three-legged Pit Bull was rescued in Los Angeles in 2004. She had already lost her front right leg when she was rescued, so the cause is unknown. However, Lucy is very agile, as “Parks & Rec” viewers know, which leads her trainers to believe that she lost the leg at a young age. She seems to maneuver just fine on three legs, even running in last week’s episode. A team of trainers works with Lucy on the set to ensure she’s well-behaved and responds on cue.

“Parks & Rec” isn’t Lucy’s first gig, either. She has starred in a Crown Royal commercial, played an extra in the movie “Hotel for Dogs,” and was in on a seriously funny prank in “Jackass 2.” This seasoned actor is an unforgettable one for dog lovers.

Have you caught Champion, the newest cast member of “Parks & Recreation” yet? It airs Thursdays at 8:30 Eastern on NBC.

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