September 2012

Alternate uses for dog products

You didn’t think they were just for Rover, did you?

While browsing through the pet section at Target last night, my daughter and I ran across all kinds of dog products. From beds to Halloween costumes, gourmet cookies to squeaky rubber chickens, there was something for every kind of pooch you could ever think of. It made me remember what we’ve used dog items for in the past and how versatile they are.

The thing is, dog stuff can be super cheap—especially if you get it at the everything’s a dollar store—so it can come in super handy. Here are just a few cheap things you can do with dog products.

Other animal products. Why buy an expensive food dish for your bunny or bed for your cat from a specialty store when you can get them at the dollar store for half as much (or even less than that)? I know someone who gives the neighborhood raccoons and stray animals cheap dog food, too, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to get a raccoon in your house by giving it food!